Buy & Sell

Candice was very professional throughout all of our steps. We hired Candice to help us sell a house. We accepted an offer on the 3rd day on the market. We then hired Candice to help us find our new home to purchase. We found our dream home on the same day that we accepted the offer on our house. We  had many issues with the people buying our house, most specifically the realtor that they had chosen. I honestly believe that if Candice had not been so proactive in getting in touch with the realtor, we would have had to walk away from the deal. If we had any questions, she would respond immediately. If I wanted to speak face to face, she would come to our house after hours to accommodate us. Candice’s professionalism, communication, knowledge and helpfulness made it very easy to say that we would recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell a house.